Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nokia 5130 show not charging Problem

Nokia 5130 show not charging Problem, Solution Ways.

CHARGING SOLUTION Nokia 5130 Charging Ways Prints Problem when charging problem in the Nokia 5130 is diagram that will hep you to this problem
simply with a few tips and tricks.all charging process is shown in yellow line chart right check all these parts with the meter and If one of them is broken or missing at that time to make jumper from charges starting point
Nokia 5130 not charging 5130 not fix solution.Nokia Mobile Repair Service Tips and photos chart Tricks.Make jumpers as shown in diagram recharging or replacement of the displayed items.
Nokia 5130 not charging solution 100% in a few mints.
step by step process to not charge the Nokia 5130 problem to solve.
In the scheme given all the steps are clearly marked.
Check these hot and partially re-sold if not ok to be replaced by new board of ok.

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